spinathonSo today was our ‘rest day’ – just one spin in the evening. I didn’t sleep well last night – I woke before 3am, and got maybe 3 more hours fitful sleep in the late morning. So I was nervous about this evening’s spin. I was even more nervous when I conked out of work about 4pm due to intense gut pain. Meanwhile, Elly’s knee wasn’t feeling so good.

The pain had become tolerable by the time we got to LifesCycle, and then a miracle occurred. By the end of the spin, I felt no pain – I was actually smiling!

Barry had treated us to his Concorde spin – emulating the superb jewel of the air on a flight from London to New York. A slow taxi to build up power, then putting down the power to take off and blast into supersonic flight. I was probably more like a superannuated Catalina – I had to set down for running repairs a couple of times. (Meanwhile Elly had her nose up and was going great guns.) So maybe the pain relief was endorphins, maybe it was the magic of LifesCycle, maybe a bit of both.

I can’t be me without ending on a moan – the gut pain came back a little after bouncing home on Edinburgh’s terrible road surfaces. Each jolt goes right through me, wobbles my irritated colon and makes me feel pain and nausea. I’m able to type and think just now but I’m not feeling as good as when the spin ended. Bah!



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