Spinning the world away

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2013-08-22 00:00:00 bouncy none

Well I was in a much better mood before this evening’s spin – I’d got some stuff done for a change*. So I was ready to take on whatever Andy threw at us. And he threw true!

The first half was very similar to recent sessions but there was just a wee snippet of AD/DC (possibly Have a drink on me) to bounce it all up. It just few by – lots of jumps to Love will tear us apart***, runs and sprints to Personal Jesus, lots of time out of the saddle bouncing away. The bike worked well – easy to fine-tune and I think I got the resistance just about right.

A couple of minutes to recover and the second half started. I can’t remember most of the songs but the finale involved a climb and some sprints to ‘take this baby home!’ We came out dripping and pounds lighter. I know I was not all there – I was floating around Edinburgh’s roofs, taking in the sights and sounds. Elly, bless her, was wibbling in the basket-chair even though she wasn’t a basket-case. (She’d had a rotten day – I blame the government.) Even when I got home, I was spacy-drained and had difficulty co-ordinating a banana**** and my mouth.

Ah well, washing and dishes are done*****, tomorrow is planned, the high is tapering and my shoulder is still held together by sealing-wax and string. No more spinning until Tuesday or Wednesday (I’m going to visit my parents) unless I go here. It’ll give me something else to wibble about, if nothing else.

*I’d ordered my mum’s birthday present, arranged for our printer to be repaired, chased up some stuff for my dad, done some over-due shopping, blogged about my regular cycle, had a massage and got my shoulder taped into control, made contact with our neighbour’s lawyer because the neighbour isn’t responding to emails or letters, arranged for a big photo to be framed, set up my macs to be visible from Napier’s 27″ iMacs in the Incubator** – and I’d done some possibly worthwhile work on my dissertation.

**Why aren’t these running Mountain Lion, I wonder? The software that supposedly reverts them to a pristine state doesn’t work properly, but that works in my favour, hurrah.

***Can you say Let’s dance to Joy Division?

****a fruit, not what you were thinking, you foul-minded person.

*****huge thanks to Elly for cooking!


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