Regular cycle

When Mood Music
2013-08-21 13:10:00 Pleased Hawkwind – space is deep

A day earlier than usual this week:

To Cramond And back totals and averages
Ride Time 15:26 17:46 33:12
Stopped Time 00:43 08:33 09:16
Distance 4.19 miles 4.23 miles 8.42 miles
Average speed 16.30 mph 14.28 mph 15.28 mph
Fastest Speed 30.04 mph 27.39 mph NA
Ascent 79 feet 178 feet 257 feet
Descent 152 feet 139 feet 291 feet
Energy Burn 816 kJ 917 kJ 1733 kJ

I was photographed by two lads in a white van while we were waiting at the junction outside Craigleith retail park. I think they liked my baked beans jacket. (Unsubtle hint – I’d rather like an I pay road tax jacket too.)

I’m quite pleased to have just broken 30 mph down Cramond Road South, and I’m also pleased to have stayed above 8mph up that hill. It must have been the rain and the tape applied by the sports masseuse I see in Cramond. She’s the reason for this regular cycle.

For over a year I’ve had issues with my left shoulder – cycling and spinning were the only times I was conscious and free of pain but a steroid injection released the immediate tension, allowing Carole to begin to coax it back to normal ranges of movement. But since we’ve returned from holiday, my right shoulder has been extremely restricted – and intensely painful if I push it past these restrictions. The tape is helping me hold the shoulder in the right place – it’s slumped quite far forward to ward off the pain.

Anyway, Carole tells me she followed a cyclist who was doing around 20 mph up that hill. Sigh – I’ve a long way to go!


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