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2013-08-20 10:00:00 curious none

I’ve been slightly obsessed about groups of humans who believe they’re so special that it’s right to obliterate others. This has happened all through history – nothing I can do will change it. Nevertheless, the name-change is my tiny marker that I reject this.

There are factors that make certain people special to me – I’ll change behaviour (grudgingly) and would stop bullets for them. There are people who have more power than others – that’s unavoidable.

There are of course cases where we can say ‘I’m better at <something> than you – if you want to do <something>, here’s how it should be done’. I am highly opinionated about certain things – in those cases I strongly believe I’m right. That doesn’t make me a better person all round, nor does it give me the right to blast anyone else out of my way. At the worst, I should agree to disagree, while being ready to listen to new information and ideas.

Overall, nothing gives anyone the right to say ‘I/we are better than you, so drop dead’, ever. We are just whatever we are, wherever we are.


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