Spinning the world away

When Mood Music
2013-08-19 20:30:00 happy Hugh’s mayhem music

Andy’s session hit the spot tonight! Old and new favourites including

  • warming up to a long, bouncy remix of Personal Jesus
  • an inspiring but laid-back* cover of Route 66
  • an inspiring mix of Joy Division’s Love will tear us apart (Whoever remixed this is a pure genius, I think.)
  • Dave Edmund’s Queen of hearts
  • the pre-finale of a full-on climb (Andy, what is that track called?)
  • the William Tell overture to cap it all, and leave you gasping (for more, in many cases).

All of this had me happy and pushing as hard as I could** all the way through the hour. I think the bike helped too – it had about 2 turns from no resistance to can’t-move-the-pedals.

I have to congratulate : she’s in ‘Sir’ Hugh McInnes‘ intense road-training class just now. The intensity was booming out of the studio just now – fast, hard sprints to inspiring techno that would pull out superb efforts from anyone! I’d hoped to do this but for reasons I won’t make entirely public I’m not up to two back-to-back spinning sessions today. (I recognise there’s a contradiction between these two sentences but I’m following the  wisdom of ‘your body, your bike – listen to them!’)

I won’t be spinning next Monday (I’m taking minutes for Leith Central Community Council that evening) but I intend to be back the following Monday, pushing on through both Andy and Hugh’s classes into the stratosphere.

*I know what I mean. If you don’t you’ll just have to come to Lifescycle and try it for yourself.

** not as hard as I’d have liked


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