How did this happen?

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2013-06-12 23:51:00 tired

I now seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time doing fitness things. The italic items are my regular schedule:

  • Monday: 2 back-to-back 1-hour spinning sessions
  • Wednesday: 1-hour spinning session
  • Thursday: 1-hour personal training
  • Friday: 2 hours of the 24-hour spinning marathon
  • Saturday: the final 2 hours of the 24 hour spinning marathon
  • Sunday: 1-hour spinning session

Next weekend won’t have a spinning marathon but we’ll be doing the solstice night coastal bike-ride.

All my fitness stuff happens at Lifescycle, so there’s also a 4-mile commute each way.

And yet I used to hate sport!

The spinning marathon doesn’t mean doing 24-hours non-stop spinning working at this intensity for 24 hours would be, er, challenging. (Then again, there’s RAAM.) Proceeds from the spinning marathon will go to the Scottish Association for Mental Health. One of the spinners has set up a JustGiving page just in case there are some spare pennies available.


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