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2013-06-13 18:51:00 curious News Quiz

Napier has confirmed I’ve passed the taught part of my MSc and may ‘continue with my course’. So I need to get on with my dissertation!

For your delight and delectation, here’s the letter and confirmation of final grades for my taught modules. (Click the thumbnails for full-size versions.)

I haven’t a clue what the acronyms mean. Assuming these grade-bands were used throughout the marking, and that my marks were in the exact centres of my bands, my average mark works out as 84% and hence my average grade would be D2.

If I’ve recorded the actual marks correctly on my infographic, I’ve achieved 85·79% of available marks so far, leading to a grade of D3.

I’m not bothered by the difference between D2 and D3 – as far as I’m aware, my final grade will be fail, pass or distinction. To get a distinction, I need to hand in a distinction-level dissertation. I’m not confident of that.


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