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(Post backdated to when it was written)

Bruce-news coming at you live on Saturday evening from the Kilmichael Country House Hotel on Arran. (Well it would have been live but wifi isn’t available in the rooms and it’s a bit too cold to go to wifi-zone.)


After setting into our room yesterday afternoon (Friday), we did a short ride from the hotel’s road head to Lamlash and back. 10·1 miles in 53 minutes, so averaging 11·43mph. This was quite pleasing, considering it was only the third time Elly’s been on her bike this year and the hill between Lamlash and Brodick is quite intense, especially in the return direction.


Today (Saturday) we got a bit more adventurous – there’s almost no snow left on the east side of Arran. So we cycled via Brodick, Lamlash and Whiting Bay to Kildonan, had a drink at the Kildonan Hotel, then returned to Brodick For lunch. Neither of us are as fit or fast as we’d like, and there are three hills between Kilmichael and Kildonan, so an outward average speed of 10·2mph isn’t unreasonable.


I’ve cycled in Lev’s top gear-range all the time, so I know I have plenty of gears in reserve.


Tomorrow (Sunday) will probably involve a visit to Auchrannie’s gym, then more work on validating registration data on my coursework website and/or seeing if there’s any snow at the top of the String. (Update: the gym happened – no String expedition yet.)

Happy Easter, all.


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