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2013-03-31 17:47:00 pissed off posh-hotel muzak

I received the following today:

Dear Student
Your coursework 1 mark today is x%. You can pick up the mark sheet from the school office on Tuesday 16 April – sorry it’s a bit late but I’m not back in Edinburgh until then.

I’m underwhelmed – this communication is from a computing lecturer: one who appears to specialise in online things, even.

  • This mark was given just within the 3-week deadline. However, I believe this deadline is about giving full feedback – so far this has been in the form of annotated marks sheets. As you can see, these won’t be available within the 3-week window. Considering that courseworks 1 and 2 for this module are closely entwined (requirements here), receiving full feedback could make a large difference to the overall module mark. There’s less than 2 weeks from when the mark sheets will be available to when coursework 2 is due.
  • Obviously this lecturer isn’t cut off from email. If it’s possible for other lecturers to email mark sheets as PDFs then it’s possible for this lecturer too.
  • And if it was possible for one of my lecturers to continue supporting students and being an all-round decent chap despite a massive personal misfortune earlier this year, then it’s possible for this lecturer to find a scanner if he’s marked our submissions in dead-tree format. (A few lecturers insist on electronic submissions, partly to avoid wastes of paper and partly to use plagiarism-testing sites.)

By the way, in my case x = 94. This is for 25% of the module, so I have 23·5% so far. Here’s my submission and here’s the updated marks infographic.

It’s currently feeling a bit weird that after all this time, I’m only 53% through my MSc in terms of potential marks. By the end of this term I’ll be 67% through – and then the dissertation, which has to be finished by Christmas 2014 will account for the final third.


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