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Following on from the previous report, here’s the cyclemeter map of Monday’s cycle: Arran’s north loop. (I’ve no idea why the map doesn’t show the journey back across the String to Brodick.) Total distance 37·82 miles, at an average speed of 10·86 mph. (The true average will be very slightly higher because I started cyclemeter and then put gloves back before moving off – it was far too cold to cycle without gloves.)

We stopped briefly at

  • the florist just north of Brodick
  • Sannox cemetary to vist Elly’s mum and dad
  • Lochranza (toilet break)
  • Machrie (our second attempt to visit Elly’s friend’s tea-room – no joy thanks to the snow which had stopped everything on Arran’s west side the previous week)

The wind which had helped us up the Boguille (the hill between Sannox and Lochranza) was against us on the west coast – it varied between bracing and horrendous. It didn’t get any better going up the String (the road that crosses Arran east-west), but it made the drop down the String back onto Brodick more interesting. I’m slightly disappointed that I didn’t break my personal downhill speed-record but there were too many cars and cross-gusts to let go of the brakes – or perhaps I’m just a wimp.

Cycling in brilliant sunshine, yet with freezing wind and snow either side of the road was weirdly beautiful. I wish I’d taken more photos…

Here’s some pix from the weekend (click the thumbnails to get full-size views).

Views from Lochranza
view view view

steamed-up camera (Machrie no-tea-room)
steamed-up steamed-up

Lev at Machrie

Peacock at our hotel


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