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2013-03-20 18:56:00 pleased

So the marks for the groupwork assessment for Management of Software Projects have been released. This assessment is 50% of this module’s mark – the other 50% will be for an individual piece of work which will be set in a few weeks’ time.

Headline: 74% for this work, so I already have 37% for this module.

This mark is the very top of the ‘mere pass’ range. 1% more would have put my mark into the ‘distinction’ range. The lecturer was quite complimentary about my personal reflection, which surprised me – I’d thrown it together in about a working day.

At this afternoon’s tutorial, we were given a bit more detail:

  • Marks for the group-work documents were all around 35 out of 50.
  • Marks for the group presentation were all around 10 out of 15.
  • The top mark was 74%. (Some reason for smugness?)
  • The bottom mark was 64%, while the average mark was 68·7%.

Anyway, here’s the bits for you to peruse

I’m now exactly halfway through the available marks for the MSc, and have an average mark of 85·8%. Here’s the updated infographic.


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