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2013-03-20 21:51:00

It’s just possible I’ve once or twice been faintly critical of our Web Design & Development lectures. Today we suffered through over an hour of incoherent ramblings such as ‘well that’s the only way to do it, but there are other ways – you just have to google’ and more sentences with the pronoun ‘it’ meaning 5 different things simultaneously, with nary a noun in earshot.

This was actually a blessing – two hours of lectures were timetabled. Anyway, we were allowed into the labs early, so here’s my first shots at a landing page and logged-in user page for my coursework, along with screenshots of how they should look.

It would be good to hear of any platform/browser combination issues.

I had intended to make most of the text, especially the items in the sidebars, the same font as the main title (KlingonBlade) but it’s not legible enough at those sizes. The substitute, KlingonDagger, is more legible but I think it’s more celtic/elvish than Klingon – not that I’m any sort of expert, of course!

Next tasks:

  • Make up the pages referred to in the bottom row of links.
  • Make up the registration and log-in systems – oh the joy of MAMP!
  • Make up the lessons.
  • Make up the tests and build a way of tracking students’ scores over the tests.
  • If possible, replace the Klingon Empire logo in the right sidebar with a ‘thermometer’ that shows their total score.
  • If possible, when a student scores 90% or more in a test, play a clip of Worf saying something appropriate about honour.
  • If possible, when a student scores 50% or less in a test, play a clip of Gowron drawing his d’k tahg. Then the student’s score is reduced to zero and he or she is forced to start again at lesson 1.

It might be fun and educational after all!


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