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2013-03-08 22:56:00 tired

It’s been a hectic few days.


On Friday, my team-mates and I were working until midnight on our management of software projects coursework: the initiation step of a PRINCE2 project. When it’s been marked, I’ll post our submission and my mark.

Over the weekend, I wrote my web design and development coursework almost from scratch, as well as doing more on the MSP coursework.  I tried to go to spinning on Sunday evening but just before I got there, the new iPhone holder broke, spilling my iPhone onto Ferry Road. I did an emergency stop and retrieved the phone but this manoeuvre did something nasty to Lev’s rear wheel such that he couldn’t move. So instead of spinning, I cooled my heels waiting for a taxi that could take Lev and me home. In the morning, I found that Lev’s rear axle had shifted in the drop-outs. That was easy to reverse but I wonder why the axle was loose enough to move.

On Monday my team-mates and I wrote a presentation to go with our coursework and finished more of the coursework. In the evening, Elly and I went spinning as usual but Elly’s cold and tiredness from far too much work didn’t let her finish the session. On Tuesday we finished the last bits of the submission and re-rehearsed our presentation. Then I jumped into a taxi to get to Elly’s hairdresser, got my hair and beard cut and then taxied back to Napier to help out at the OpenKnowledge meetup. More info (possibly including my live tweeting) at #opendataedb and #okfn. Then a rapid run to Kalpna to meet Elly to celebrate my birthday with curry.

On Wednesday, I had the web design and development lecture and practical which gave rise to this friends-locked post. Then my team-mates and I gave our presentation, after which we listened to the other groups’ presentations. No failures but plenty of useful feedback from the stand-by lecturer. (The real lecturer is on paternity leave this week.) Then off to spinning again.

On Thursday morning I prepared for an interview for this post and on Thursday afternoon I sat the actual interview. I’ll blog about how I got on next post.




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