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2013-02-07 20:00:00

You may recall me moaning about the state and design of the cycle-path from Leuchars to St Andrews. I emailed Dr Bob McLellan at Fife Council about it. His folk replied

  • to say that redesigning the cycle-path to avoid cyclists being dazzled would be too expensive, as would buying a second strip of land for a lane on the other carriage-way. One Fife Council officer made the valid point that buying strips of land on both sides increases complexity, thus leading to even more cost. He’s not yet replied to my question about buying one wider strip on one side, and using this increased width to create cycle-lanes on both carriageways. (I do see that some re-engineering would be needed, which of course has costs. But perhaps increased cycling-derived fitness might reduce government costs overall.)
  • to apologise that the snow wasn’t cleared properly:

    This section of cycleway was only promoted to a P1 priority footway/cycleway in the last few weeks as a result of communications we received from the public as to just how busy this can be. Unfortunately the mini tractor driver had missed this part of his new route and steps have been taken to ensure this does not happen again.

Democracy at work!


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