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2011-12-09 12:17:00

Just out of the Computer Systems exam which could have raised my grade.

While the questions on Architecture and OSes were on topics and at levels on par with the course and previous exams (and I didn’t need to attempt them because I have already passed these blocks), the questions on Networking were either on topics we hadn’t covered. (Supernetting? Anycast? Static versus dynamic routing? No recall these being even mentioned) or asked for more depth than had been covered or even hinted at.

During the teaching sessions, there was no mention of further reading being needed: in fact the lecturer for this block had said everything we needed was in his handouts. It was not. In fact, I had to do a lot of extra reading just to begin to comprehend the gaps in his handouts. (Of course, reading around a subject per se is a good thing.)

It would have been more productive to stay in bed today and enter pictures of my bits in Keith Richards lookalike competitions. Fumingly angry again.

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