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2011-12-08 14:40:00 pissed off Revol – Manic Street Preachers

At 13:12 today I was informed that I’d got 26 out of 30 for last Friday’s exam. This is 87%. It’s short of what I had expected once I’d sat the exam (though much higher than I thought I’d achieve before the exam started) and definitely short of what I want to achieve (90% or more in each exam). My other marks are 28/30 and 29·5/30, so while I’ve achieved 93% overall so far, I’ve not reached my self-imposed target so I want to achieve at least 27/30 tomorrow.

Another target is to get into the top marks band (95 to 100%). To do this, I’d need to achieve at least 28/30 tomorrow.

Meanwhile here’s my current marks status.

Am I too hard on myself? You betcha!

No, Sarah Palin doesn’t make me hard!

I’m somewhat annoyed that it’s taken so long for last week’s marks to be sent out – I’m at home revising when I could be at an interesting lecture on green IT.


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