When Mood Music
2007-08-28 23:00:00 accomplished One Of Those Days In England (Parts 2-10) – Roy Harper

A random sampling of Bruce-headlines

  • On a fairly predicable whim, I went to the opening of the new Applestore in Buchanan street and got 2 t-shirts to prove it! Also saw how I look on the iSight webcam in a MacBook Pro. Ugh!
  • Next weekend I’m going to Worcester to see my brother who will be on leave from Iraq.
  • I finally got around to mending my hostess’ wooden chair.
  • My hostess took me to a Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra gig. I found there’s no extracting Nurofen un-noticed from its pack, even when the music is very loud.
  • I bought a fair bit of raucous guitar music (1 Motörhead and 2 Manic Street Preachers CDs) from the iTunes store.
  • I only lasted the first half of a piano concert (Alfred Brendel). The combination of unpleasant (to me) music and really unpleasant seats beat me.
  • I signed on for another month at L&L. (I’m not sure if this and the previous headline about nurofen are related.)
  • I finally discovered iSyncing between the Palm and the mac. Now I only have two un-synced address/phone lists (cellphone and laptop/desktop/palm). It took a while to sort the discrepancies between the two datasets.
  • As a corollary, I’m getting into iCal.
  • Going ‘cold bark’ on Purdeys. (All of the L&L production team is in thrall to britvic.) Still got the Irn Bru habit.



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