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2007-08-11 12:08:00 optimistic Galvanise – The Chemical Brothers feat. Q-tip

Yesterday was a Good Day.

The most important thing I have to report is that my dad is out of hospital. At the beginning of this week, we understood that the medics wanted to decide whether he needed a stent or whether exercise and medication would be better. However, there was no news on when such decisions might be taken.

On Wednesday, dad had a scan for blood-flow around his heart. This was delayed for a few hours because it’s meant to be done after a period of starvation. However, the ward wasn’t aware of the impending scan and so gave him breakfast. Dad wasn’t aware either and so he cheerfully ate it.

On Thursday, dad had another scan after some exercise. I am puzzled that they couldn’t do the two scans in the same session but I suppose that there’s a limit to the amount of radioactive tracer that can be injected in one day.

Yesterday dad sent me a text to say he was getting out that afternoon. I cried – I hadn’t realised quite how much worry had been stored up in me. I was also concerned how he would get home. Mum was in no state to drive 70 miles because of her sciatica. However, she and dad were both reluctant to pay the £85 that the Red Cross would have charged for this journey. (I’d researched this aspect while I was home last weekend.) However, my brother’s girlfriend collected my mum and sister yesterday evening and together they went to fetch dad. Huge thanks, Jenni!

I phoned dad last night to see if he was home. I’m amused that he’d taken mum, Sue and Jenni to a Worcester curry-house to make sure they were fed and to thank them. I think this was the second proper meal mum had had since dad’s attack. When she got home from the late visiting sessions, she was too tired and sore to make anything more complex than a couple of sandwiches to cushion her insulin injection.

I’m not worried that dad will be on an unhelpful diet now: mum won’t leave him any choice, even if he does want to stray. I doubt he will want to because he’s been sick fed-up of incarceration!

Other good things happened yesterday. I can’t blog about one at all and another was a a hint of optimism about my future. I’ll see how it goes before commenting further. The other good things were celebrating a colleague starting her maternity leave and two other colleagues turning 30.

Finally, my hostess and I went to see Puppetry of the Penis last night. Yeehah! Two adult males completely naked on the stage, doing hilarious things with their tackle. Who could ask for more?


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