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2006-07-18 17:33:00

Because being online costs and I can’t concentrate on three things at once (i.e. blogging, listening and reading), I asked him if I could hear about it later. He carried on telling me about it and mentioned that it had my name on it. I came to an abrupt halt and told him that I didn’t want my name mentioned on ANYTHING, especially without asking me first and even more so when the thing appears to be about to be in a newspaper.

DS tried to explain that it was something to do with the event on the 25th but his explanation didn’t make sense: it appeared that he was saying in once sentence the piece of paper was a newspaper supplement but in the next sentence denying this was so. I asked him to bring Ajeesh over to explain it better (Ajeesh’s english is much better than DS’s) but my tone of voice upset DS who went storming off. I realised after a few seconds that whatever the piece of paper was, it was nothing to causing an upset to a really nice bloke so rushed out of the cybercafe to apologise and try to sort things out. We’ve made up and I’m very relieved – just embarassed that there were witnesses to an apparently angry scene.


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