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When Mood Music
2006-07-16 17:32:00

pix from today and yesterday

"" Sandra’s new haircut
"" Kanan, Radhalaksmi and Sandra
"" Radhalaksmi, Ajitha, Santosh, Jaya
Sandra, Kanan
"" Sandra’s brolly-control near the place where Kanan was discouraged
"" Clouds scudding by
"" tadpoles at angels one-five
"" A bell on the rock shelf that forms the roof of an ancient temple
"" A house near the temple – note the thatched roof.
"" Another Nedumkandam-style suburban main road.
"" The back end of the wedding vehicle
"" A huge spider on the temple wall
"" A child wearing a typical balaclava. Children wearing these look so lost and so cute!
"" A passing loudspeaker-advertisement vehicle and Ken Dodd’s bus. Did he pay his road tax?
"" Apparently typical formal or school make-up for young girls: bindhu between the eyebrows and on the forehead, eyebrow reinforcement and eyeliner make them look a lot older than they actually are.
"" Some of DS’s family. From left to right: Sapana (Deepa’s older sister); Arya, Laxshmi and Asha (Sapana’s daughters); Sajitha (Deepa’s younger sister); Hyjyalaxshmi and Annandu (Sajitha’s son and daughter); Deepa and DS



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