When Mood Music
2006-07-18 18:53:00

Well, after a frustrating time trying to research stuff for my talk on the 25th, I thought I’d quickly check on the Javan tsunami situation.

That’s pretty bad but just sad.

However, the following (from this BBC web-page) infuriates me:

More than 200 Lebanese citizens have been killed since Israel launched air strikes last Wednesday. Twenty-four Israelis have died – 12 as a result of Hezbollah rocket attacks.

GAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! I’m embarrassed to be even remotely connected to Israel: via my mother, I’m half jewish by birth. You already know my (ir)religious convictions.

I’m also slightly embarrassed that I knew nothing about the situation until 10 minutes ago.

Please wake me up

  • either when humanity has grown up
  • or (more likely) when there’s something constructive I can do to stop this madness.

Until either of these occur, I want to stay here or turn into a cockroach so that I’m unable to know or and don’t have to care.


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