It never rains on the plain in Spain but north-east fife is miserable

When Mood Music
2006-02-17 19:17:00 A Perfect Day To Drop The Bomb – Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine

I thought I had it yesterday and today all planned out:

  • lunch with a friend in Edinburgh
  • take the 2·10 train to Leuchars to meet with MsInvisFem at 4 pm. (She’d told me she wanted to contact me about issues resulting from our separation and, since I’d come back to Scotland to see old friends I hadn’t been able to meet in January, tweak some final pieces about renting out the flat and to have my final vaccinations, it seemed reasonable to offer to meet face-to-face.)
  • spend the evening with friends in Gauldry, then either stay with them or go back to Edinburgh
  • if Wednesday’s meeting with MsInvisFem hadn’t covered all she wanted, go back to St Andrews to meet finish it on Thursday morning
  • get my final vaccinations in Dundee
  • get back to Edinburgh around 5pm to have a final evening with Elly before heading back to Worcester on Friday

Here’s what actually happened

  • as planned until 4pm, when MsInvisFem said she was cold. I offered to turn on the heating and found the boiler’s timer (which wasn’t replaced when the old boiler was) had died.
  • That utter god of CORGI, Paul Johnson, arrived about 5pm to try to fix it. He had to remove the old timer from the wall and fit a new one above where it had been. This then left an open junction-box where the old timer had been and Paul didn’t have any blanking-plates to cover it. However they are easily available at DIY stores so I should have no problem buying and fitting one on Thursday.
  • MsInvisFem didn’t have time to finish the things she wanted to cover that evening but said she would finish a draft for me to see on Thursday morning.
  • My friends in Gauldry were going through various hassles and so couldn’t offer me a bed for the night. Elly offered to come and collect me from their place and take me back to Edinburgh. There was a few phonecalls back and forth to agree a final plan, during which I feared I’d upset her and was just about ready to jump out of a window: she’s been so supportive of me, especially over the last few months that even coming close to upsetting her is totally out of order.
  • I met up with Gauldry-dwellers. Emily had to go to bed as soon as we’d eaten: their 6-month-old had hardly slept for the past few days and so needed attention all the time. Barry and I chatted until after 10pm when Elly arrived. On the drive home, my brain seized up and my mouth dried out so conversation was difficult, and hampered by my fear that I’d embarrassed Elly when she arrived at Gauldry.
  • Got to sleep around 1am and woke around 5pm, full of emotional issues and annoyance about the flat not yet being sorted.
  • took 9·10 train back to Leuchars. Just before I left Edinburgh, MsInvisFem phoned to ask when we would meet. I told her that I would be in St Andrews at 10·30.
  • MsInvisFem arrived at the flat at 10·50, bearing teabags, sweeteners and soya-milk. (Many thanks to her for this.) She hadn’t finished the draft the previous evening and so took a while finishing it. Discussion of it took more time. I then visited my lawyer to discuss the draft and look for some documentation Julia believed I might have in the files I’d left there.
  • No joy with the files, but plenty to alter in the draft before it ceased causing me problems.
  • Then rush to Dundee and wait for over an hour to be seen.
  • Get out of hospital at 4pm back to St Andrews to buy and install the required blanking plate.
  • take the 5·44 train back to Edinburgh, arriving 6·45 – almost two hours later than I wanted and dog-tired.


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