cleaning up part 11

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2006-01-18 01:56:00 bah humbug Right Turn Clide-The Bloodhound Gang-HORRAYforBOOBIES

I spent monday morning cleaning even more, moving the cooker back into place and tidying. I also called my ISP, my phone provider, BT and my utilities provider to arrange the final bills. I have to read the meters on the morning I depart – please don’t let me forget!

I then spent 4 hours teaching my fairtrade colleagues to maintain our website. It’s not hard (after all, I can do it!) but they were until then completely unfamiliar with the concepts behind the web. They had to understand enough of these, then learn to add entries to the directories and then create new pages for each meeting’s minutes, then set up the links between them and a listing page. I’m sure they’ll do fine – they all have at least degrees and one has a doctorate. Also, they’re some of the nicest people it’s ever been my pleasure to work with and in my relatively short life, I’ve been lucky enough to meet a lot of fine folk.

I then spent the evening making this place really tidy. The front room, especially, looks father soul-less and unlived-in: there’s just a table, two chairs and a sofa. The only signs that I lived here are the two racks of sockets along the wall, the neat clipping of cables to the skirting-board and my ADSL router winking on the table. That will disppear with me.

This morning I applied edging strip to a piece of furniture for the first time ever. If you look closely, you’ll see it’s not a professional job but it looks good from quite close and makes the piece look much better. I did this while waiting for a rental agent to arrive: apparently her PC had gone down and she therefore didn’t know she had an appointment for 10am, so had booked another one. She eventually arrived about 11, took some notes, told me what to do next (prepare an inventory) that was it. It’s already on their website.

Next thing: sign some papers amalgamating my two pension schemes into one, then back to the fairtrade leaderine’s place to sort a few inconsistencies in the sidebars and check that the changeover of signatories form was correctly completed, then sort a few things on the leaderine’s mac. The bank told me that while I had completed the form OK, I needed the photocopy of the new Vice-chair’s passport to be notarised.

‘How do I do that?’
‘Get someone in a position of authority to write on the copy that it is a true copy, sign their name, give their job description and their phone number.’
‘Who is in a position of authority?’
‘Teacher, local councillor, JP, social worker,…’
‘Her husband is a social worker. Can he do it?’

Just my luck that both our Vice-chair and her husband weren’t in this evening.

I was then picked up by our new treasurer so I could transfer the files for our bank account to his PC, show him how I ran the accounts, get his PC to pick up email to and pass to him the task of getting the change of signatories form completed.

So that’s it: my duties with the St Andrews Fairtrade Town Campaign are over, possibly forever. I’m quite sad: we achieved a lot, I spent some very enjoyable times with some very good people. I just hope I can find another nice in which I can use my skills to make things better for someone somewhere.

Tomorrow I have to buy travel insurance, chase up my tickets, replace the seal behind the kitchen sink, get some vaccinations and get some curtains sewn nicely. Toodle pip till then

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