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2006-01-30 12:52:00 thoughtful That’s Me Trying-Aimee Mann, Ben Folds & William Shatner-Has Been

Back at the parental ranch after an uneventuful journey (and what was for me an emotional ‘au revoir’ to the usual suspects.

After unpacking, the first thing to do was to set up my router on dad’s broadband account and get the computers all online.

  • I put the router in the place of dad’s DSL modem, backed up its settings to my Pismo and then changed the settings to use dad’s account. Bingo: Pismo was online!
  • Strung an ethernet cable from the router to dad’s PC and pulled out the DSL modem. Started it up and Bingo number 2: the PC was online.
  • Strung another ethernet cable from the router to mum’s iBook. Er, no joy: the router claimed there was no physical connection between it and the iBook. Used the same cable to connect my Pismo to the router, disabled wireless on the Pismo. Pismo behaved fine, so the cable and router are OK.
  • Put the Pismo’s airport card in mum’s iBook. Bingo number 3: iBook is online.
  • Tried upgrading the iBook to OS 9.1 (it was at 9.0.2) to see if that made a difference: NO
  • installed Timbuktu on the iBook to be able to control it remotely. Works by IP but I’m not yet sure I’ll be able to reach through the router’s NAT to get at it.
  • put my airport card back in my Pismo so Timbuktu’s no longer an option anyway!

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