cleaning up part 11/firewire fandango

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2006-01-13 14:33:00 amused The Music That Nobody Likes-Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine-Post Historic Monsters

OK, what have I been up to for the past two days?

Not much happened on Wednesday (er, well it did – see next post) so yesterday I get myself a reasonable set of tasks and achieved most of them:
09:00 – start sorting through my filing box
09.50 – call Castle Furniture to see if when they can collect the old stuff today.
10:00 – Entryphone repair-person due.
10:45 – call surgery re malaria medicine
11:00 – call new bank (Nationwide) to find out what on earth is going on with the new account
11:30 – tell Fairtrade bank that new treasurer is XYZ and new vice-chair is ABC
12:00 – more sorting of my filing box
14:00 – meet up with Ewan
15:20 – sign on
15:45 – more sorting of my filing box, then take some documentation to IFA
19:00 – visit Pete Lidsay and try to find out whether my laptop’s Firewire ports, my firewire cables or both the old AND the brand-new firewire boxes are dead. I know it’s not my back-up disks themselves because they both work in a brand-new USB2 box. But my laptop’s USB ports are USB 1.1 and so desperately slow (18 hours to copy 20GB)
later – collapse

I think I crawled out of bed around 9 and was soon called by Castle Furniture who confirmed that they would arrive around 11 this morning. In the meantime, the entryphone repair bloke arrived. He found that the wire connecting my phone to the buzzer box had become adrift. Fortuantely, easily fixed.

Next Castle Furniture arrived. They took the bed and the stereo case but didn’t want the zed bed or my sofa. I phoned Fife Council to ask for a ‘special uplift’ and was told to have the items on the pavement for 7.30 on Tuesday. Would the FC folk help me take the stuff down from my flat? Would they hell!

I then phone my doctor to ask them to remind me what anti-malarial they’d recommended. They told me that I’d also vaccinations for Hepatitis A, Japanese B encephelitis, Meningitis ACWY and rabies but that I’d need to be treated in Worcester. Worcester said they wouldn’t touch me without my records being transferred to a doctor there, which takes 3 weeks. However, a long-suffering doctor phoned me back later that evening and told me that Dundee should be able to do most of the vaccinations and that they’d do the rest. I’ve just now made an appointment in Dundee for Thursday to get the rabies and Jap B jags and have an appointment on Wednesday in St Andrews to get the others.

Meanwhile I’d spent ages on the phone trying to get various banks to tell me how to transfer my funds to their saving accounts. It’s all very hairy and so I think I’m just going to stick with the Clydesdale. i also spoke to the Co-operative Bank who hold the account for St Andrews Fairtrade. At long last I know for sure who my successor as treasurer is and so have ordered the change of signatories form. I can see this being another nightmare.

I phoned Ewan about 2 o’clock – he was busy but agreed to come around later once I’d signed on. During all this time I’d been going through my filing box, removing out-of date files and records and grouping the rest sensibly. All my records and important documents now fit neatly in the box and there’s still room for all the documentation from my attempts to get a visa to live in the US.

I then went to sign on, then dropped off some documentation my mortgage advisor had asked for, then returned home to finish filing and try to get my laptop’s back-up bits behaving.

Firewire fandango.
When I arrived here, I found that that my laptop’s external backup device (a 30GB laptop hard disk in a Firewire case) had stopped working. I assumed it was the disk and so bought a 40Gb one from Ebay. It arrived but didn’t work. However because it was new, I assumed that I’d been wrong and that the firewire case didn’t work. So I bought a USB2 case and a new Firewire case, intending to keep the 30Gb disk in the USB case and the 40GB in the new firewire case. Neither disk worked in the new firewire case – they’d spin up but just not mount. However, they’d spin up, mount and behave just fine in the USB case. So the culprits had to be either my laptop’s firewire ports or the new firewire case.

So last night, I took the whole lot to Pete’s to try them in conjunction with his macs.
Firstly, both disks, in either firewire case, mounted on his mac – so both the disks and the cases are OK.
Secondly, my laptop will mount his iPod on either of the mac’s firewire ports – so the mac is OK.
Thirdly, my mac will mount as an external hard disk on his mac both via his firewire cable and via my two cables. His mac will similarly mount on mine – so the cables are OK.

I think that covers all the variables – cases, disks, mac and cables are all OK, yet they won’t work on my mac. The only difference is he upgraded to OS10.4.4 using the combo updater (i.e. straight from 10.4.0 to 10.4.4) while I upgraded from 10.4.0 to 10.4.3 and then applied the 10.4.3 to 10.4.4 upgrade. I can go back to 10.4.0, then use the combo updater – apparently this has been know to fix some strange software ills.

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