cleaning up part 10

When Mood Music
2006-01-10 18:42:00 bored Everything’s Not You-Quivver-Cream Ibiza

I spent most of yesterday with friends in Crail. I think I woke up when the kids were going to school but didn’t really surface until 10.

I got back to town and went to my lawyer to pay a bill and her rental colleague’s office to arrange for her to see the flat (this will happen on next Tuesday). I also went to see my mortgage advisor to ask about what I should do now I was near to renting the place out.

I’ve done almost nothing to advance the flat. However I have finally managed to leave a voicemail with Castle Furniture so maybe my old furniture will do someone some good.

I also had an eye-test today. Fortunately my prescription hasn’t changed so I don’t need new glasses. The optician was concerned that the fluid pressure in my right eye was a bit high (indicative of possible glaucoma) so they also tested my peripheral vision. All good there too.

This evening I’ll finish scrubbing the kitchen floor and then replace the fridge and cooker so I can cook some food, then clean the fridge.

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