mixed feelings

When Mood Music
2006-01-04 01:53:00 angry Track 09-Artist-Album

A mac discussion list threw up the following news item. My feelings are:

For the tens of thousands of home PC users: you could have bought macs and saved yourself so much trouble!

For the people who have to use PCs at work: sympathy anyway, redoubled several times over because of this.

For the BOFHs who have to deal with the mess on top of their normal duties, extreme sympathy. Clearing up shit that’s been dumped on you is never nice.

For the perpetrators of virii: you’re all scum. You have no excuse. You see weakness and you exploit it to show off your ‘cleverness’. If you saw someone who depended on wooden crutches, would you reach for a saw and hack up their means of transport, just because you could?

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