cleaning up part 7

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2006-01-04 12:00:00 bitchy The whole of the moon-The Waterboys-Driving Rock Ballads

Well the mould remover failed spectacularly. So I spent ages cutting the old sealant away from the bath, using the nasty chemical guck to remove the traces (not sure I got all of it out) and putting new sealant in.

Ever tried sealing the edge of a bath behind the taps? Don’t – it’s a fucking nightmare. I found the best way of putting sealant into place was to squirt half an inch onto my index finger, then press/smooth it into place. The best tool I could find for removing the wee beads that leaked around the edge of my finger was a plastic picnic fork. It really worked.

So the bath was sealed late last night. I also sealed around the kitchen units. Neither of look totally professional but they do look OK and I’m quite proud.

I also washed the outsides of the kitchen cupboards, even taking the handles off so I could get rid of 10 years’ worth of grime that had accumulated inside them.

Then I sat in bed, looking for deals on beds. They’re expensive! OK, they’re meant to last ages so the cost per night can be as little as 11p but £400 is far more than I expected.

Today I’ll clean the insides of the cupboards and then go out to pay some bills, chase my bank and buy lining paper for the cupboards and drawers.

I’ve phoned Fife Council to ask about them taking away my old cooker. ‘Special uplifts’ aren’t available until 16th January, so I know I’ll be here at least until then. I suppose this gives me time to buy a new one but I want rid of the old one now so I can clean the floor!

Update (1:51 pm)
The kitchen drawers and cupboards have been cleaned to the best of my ability. The former spice drawer is irreprably stained with turmeric. However at least it’s a clean stain! I’ve also asked Kingdom Housing Association to fix the entry-phone and tried to contact Castle Furniture to get rid of the old bed , sofa and fold-up bed. I think they’re still celebrating Hogmanay.

Next things: food, buying drawer liners and more food!

By the way, my dad’s birthday present arrived in Worcester around 8·30 this morning. Misco have excelled themselves: I only ordered it at 4pm yesterday!

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