cleaning up part 4: bathroom

When Mood Music
2006-01-01 22:14:00 sick Shiny Happy People-R.E.M.-Out Of Time

I footered about before tackling the bathroom because I knew it would be the mankiest part of the whole proceeding. The lounge and kitchen will take longer but they’re nowhere near as manky.

I started by trying to clean away the layer of brown/black mould on the ceiling. Uurrggghh! Some of this mank doesn’t shift, even when attacked with sugar soap and bathroom cleaner. I think I’ll let it dry tonight and then paint over it.

I then washed the painted walls, the sink and toilet and took a break before starting on the shower/bath area. First thing was to dismantle the shampoo stand so I could later clean behind it. Then I took down the shower curtain rail, dismantled it and cleaned the components. The utter worst was balancing on the edge of the bath, clean the grouting between the tiles above the bath. I don’t think the mank nestling in the angle between the wall and top of the bath will shift, so that’s going to be covered with opaque filler/sealer.

Tomorrow I’ll need to paint the ceiling, the windowsill and retouch the walls where paint has flaked away. I also need to buy a new shower curtain because the old one is ripped and manky past redemption.

I think that’s enough for today!


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