cleaning up part 3

When Mood Music
2006-01-01 16:38:00 contemplative We’re not gonna make it (Presidents of the USA)

I’ve repainted the Mystic Mauve (light blue!) bedroom walls completely. There wasn’t enough Green Parrot to even begin to cover the other two walls, so I just rotuched the parts where a TV cable had gouged paint off the wall.

I realised I didn’t have a hope of replacing the connector on the TV cable that goes from the lounge to the bedroom so I decided to replace it. Removing the old one destroyed 4 of the cable-clips that held it in place, so more will be needed, along with a 15-metre TV cable so tenants can place a TV almost anywhere in the bedroom.

I wonder if DIY stores will be open tomorrow. Meanwhile time to eat, put some furniture back in the bedroom and then attack the mank on the nathroom walls and ceiling. Uurrgghh…..

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