cleaning up part 1

When Mood Music
2005-12-31 14:09:00 busy Track 03-Cream Ibiza-CD2

This is what I have to do to get Mycelium Mansion rented out:

  • tell my bank to refund money they owe me and set up a savings account for the majority of my redundancy payment
  • clean bedroom & repaint at least 1 wall
  • clean bathroom & retouch paintwork where damp has hassled it
  • get new shower curtain
  • clean lounge & retouch paintwork where I’ve hassled it
  • clean kitchen & retouch paintwork where I’ve hassled it
  • clean hall & retouch paintwork where loft ladder has hassled it
  • replace lounge curtains
  • clean and hem kitchen curtains
  • give stuff back to to folk I’ve borrowed it from
  • sort my paperwork. I have a huge filing box full of bank statements, etc. It’s all filed by type but there’s a lot of out-of-date stuff and the types could be grouped much better.
  • check loft
  • find a tenant or get a letting agency to do so
  • deal with any effects of the flat being let on the mortgage, buildings insurance and my relationship with the housing association who own the rest of the building
  • sort contents insurance because most of my stuff is at my parents and the rest will be in the care of a tenant
  • create an inventory

So far I’ve just about emptied the bedroom – only the TV and two chests of drawers to go, then I’m going to the pub for lunch.


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