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2005-12-23 14:03:00 pleased Her Desire-.Jupiter.-Gatecrasher Wet (Disc 2)

I’m writing this on Thursday 22nd at 1pm. I have no idea when it will be posted because my parents’ broadband is the cheapest deal BT offer: it’s fixed so I can’t put a router in place of the BT-provide ADSL modem. There are mac drivers for this modem but I can’t be bothered moving the slaptop into my parents’ study and guddling with my dad’s cables. So later today I’ll talk to BT and get them to upgrade the service, then buy a wireless router and get all the computers in the house online properly as follows:

  • my mum’s 300 MHz blueberry iBook wired into the router in the study
  • my dad’s PC wired into the router in the study
  • my Pismo wirelessed into the router
  • my sister’s powerbook 2300c wired into my Pismo while both are on my desk. This might be a challenge because it runs OS 8·1 and I’m not sure if OS has TCP/IP networking. When the 2300c migrates to my sister’s room, I’ll string a cable from it to the study.

My Quicksilver is in its box in the loft and will probably stay there until I have a place of my own. Poor bugger will end up hating me for spending most of 2006 in a cold box. I wonder if my dad will notice if I substitute his PC for a real computer?

Meanwhile, as you can see, I’ve successfully migrated to Worcester. The drive was easy (at least for me) and I think Ian was happy with it. We lost a bit of time stuck behind traffic on the A68 but were able to pick up his kit from Catterick without any drama and the tool on down south. I dozed through most of Yorkshire – it’s huge – and almost before I knew it we were pulling off the M5 into Worcester. Total journey time around 8 hours 30 minutes for 400 miles, using £70 of diesel.

Not long after arrival, I went with dad to meet mum, Susan, Patrick (one of mum’s pupils) and Taryn (his wee sister) from a pantomime at the local theatre. While waiting for them, I was called by Louise and was still nattering with her when mum and Sue emerged from the theatre. Patrick and Taryn were shy and incredibly polite. I could learn from them!

Yesterday was unpacking day. I think I started around 9 am and had most of my kit packed away, washing in the machine and the Pismo as near to up and running as it can be without internet access by about 8 pm. This included building the great wall of Bruce-stuff in the loft, rationalising the use of drawers in the room here (I must remember that it’s not just mine: Ian has as much right to use it as I do), packing a book case with only the essentials (installer CDs, blank media, movie media and reference texts and re-learning how to fit into family life. So far no bust-ups!

Also yesterday, my mum’s new car arrived. It’s an exact replacement for the car that was totalled a few months, except it’s a pleasant red rather than the mundane silver-grey. Even better, her cheque from her insurers arrived this morning so she can refill the hole in her savings she dug to buy the car yesterday. The only unfinished part of this episode is that the insurers wouldn’t pay out the full replacement cost of the old car. So her solicitors are about to start legally working over the clown who wrote off her car for the ‘missing’ £1000. I hope the legal bill doesn’t erase the gains.

Just now I’m about to go into town with Ian and dad for some almost last-minute christmas shopping … waiting on my brother arriving.

Meanwhile I’m rediscovering why I like Roy Harper so much. I don’t think I can hear Stormcock too many times – there’s always something new there. However my current favourites are Glasto and The Monster on The Dream Society.

(Eventually posted via a Wifi network in Coffee Republic – who also serve soya milk. Yeehah!)

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