typical vegan?

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The vegan society emailed its members, asking us to describe ourselves, to show that there is no such thing as a typical vegan.

Here’s my

Hi there

I’m a 39-year-old living in the wilds of St Andrews in Fife. I work as production manager for an educational publisher and in my spare time am a member of the local Community Council and Treasurer/Webweaver of the local Fairtrade Town Campaign.

What else: one of a vocal band of folk who think that the Mac is best. (However all OSes suck but this page is wrong about classic mac OS sucking that hard.)

Why am I vegan? When I was 17, I learnt that it’s far more efficient to feed people directly (by growing crops that humans eat) than to feed them indirectly (by growing crops to feed to animals which are then killed to feed humans). Efficiency was highly desirable to the fascist I was then.

Four years later, I had ceased being a Nazi and was talking with a friend who was high priestess of a Wiccan coven. She said that becoming vegan would give me a tremendous spiritual lift. I’m still waiting for that psychic orgasm but for around 20 years (admittedly with some non-vegan patches) I’ve had the quiet satisfaction of knowing that with every mouthful I’m doing the right thing without even having to try. After all, what’s more natural than eating good food?

Favourite food? So many! In no particular order

  • Peanut butter sandwiches
  • My mate Will’s curries
  • My mate Adriani’s padang-style tofu and sambal
  • My channah dahl
  • Tacos (quick and simple!)
  • chewing on the end of hand-rolled cigarettes
  • my fingernails
  • soya yoghurts
  • beans on toast with ribena
  • pizza with soya cheese melted all over it
  • raw peanuts and pumpkin seeds
  • hummus and salad sandwiches
  • my mum’s rice concoctions
  • baked potatoes with sweetcorn, baked beans and soya cheese
  • sweetcorn cakes
  • anything thai with tofu
  • peanut butter and salad-cream toasties

More info my website and blog.

Grab any picture of me you like from these. Pics of other folk may not be used without their consent. I quite like
work christmas 2004 party
in a pub on Skye, headbanging away to Sweet Child O Mine

all the best


Atypical enough for you?

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