A fairly comprehensive set of good things happened today

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2005-10-16 18:35:00 bouncy Hallo Universe-Vagtazo Halott Kemek-A Semmi Kapuin Dorombolve

First and foremost, I was visited by Craig, his wife Claudia and their 18-month-old son Dylan. Craig is a friend and former flatmate from when we were working on our PhDs. I think we’ve seen each other maybe twice since he moved on from St Andrews, but it’s the sort of friendship that can take pauses because we’ll know that it’s there, that we’ve done enough to rate each other highly from hereon in. I can still picture him sitting at the table in our flat trying to make sense of data from a dodgy spectrophotometer and then throwing his pencil over his hear, shouting ‘Aarrgghh! Nothing makes any frog!

Dylan was a bit cranky through teething and a disturbed sleep pattern but we all had a fun time on the Cockshaugh Park swings and slides, a good natter about our different plans and life-stages. It was lovely to see that Craig is still the same interesting, fun, irreverent person. I’m sorry I haven’t got to know Claudia so well … yet.

Oi you three, when you read this, send me a photo that you don’t mind being on this blog or my website!

Their visit also facilitated a few other good things:

  • I was able to try out the hand-operated coffee-grinder I’ve been given.
  • It made coffee that Craig and Claudia didn’t appear to dislike.
  • Since Craig is interested in taking his digital photography further with some photoshop twiddling, I gave him one the the Macs that work wants rid of – and has been infesting my lounge – with a legit copy of photoshop 5.
  • In return for the mac, Craig’s giving me his old (but far from shabby) digital camera – top timing because mine has just died. I’ll put its eBay value into the work office party fund, so all three parties will have benefitted.
  • We ate lunch at the very child-friendly café on South Street that used to be called ‘The Ark’.
  • The Fairtrade secretary has sent out a bunch of emails showing progress towards the declaration event

So all very satisfactory. I had been concerned that I wouldn’t get a chance to say goodbye properly to everyone. I’m sure that while I will meet some very interesting people out there, it’s lovely to know that folk from my past are still about and doing OK and thanks to today, Craig, Claudia and I were able to catch up before I leave.

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