doing something vaguely constructive…

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2005-06-22 23:22:00 apathetic Amused to Death-Roger Waters-Amused to Death

They’re a bit rough-and-ready and probably don’t have the best design in the world but minutes* and the draft constitution of the St Andrews Fairtrade Town Campaign are nestling on my webspace here.

Pretty good to see how much we’ve achieved over the last six months.

*ahem 1 (one page is just placeholders because I can’t find these minutes – this meeting happened when I was off gallivanting)

*ahem 2 (This process reminds me I still have some stuff to do this month.)

What else explains the long silence?

  1. The old boiler was removed on Monday evening. I think the new one will be fitted on Friday.
  2. General sadness at some nasty events in far-flug friends’ lives making me ponder my future and validity. Not much to crow about just now, really. However, it could all be much, much worse!

OK, time to unwind with a cold one. G’night

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