I’m rather proud of, and pleased for, my parents

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2005-06-12 22:22:00 awake

My dad has been involved with Scouting since his twenties – almost 60 years. I became a Sea Scout in Worcester, 29 years ago. This led to both of my parents being involved, mum on numerous Sea Scout group and Worcester Scout District functions and and dad as Group Scout Leader for many years (and for quite a few more after that as acting GSL because no-one could be found to replace him).

He emailed me today:

Changing the subject, last night Mum & I were invited as guests of the Group to an evening do at which I was presented with a mounted plaque to be fixed at the base of a gum tree which has been planted to mark the time that I was GSL. It was a bit embarrassing to stand in front of a crowd of kids & parents while John Benjamin read out a list of improvements & changes that had been made to the Hut & site during my time. It was very fitting that Mum’s efforts as Group Secretary were also recognised at the same time & Fay Benjamin presented her with a beaut bouquet.

The whole thing was wrapped up in a fund raising event – a very popular Beetle Drive. This event is great for a lively family night out including a barby. We all ate & drank well, especially the kids who had multiple helpings of hot dogs, burgers & puds made possible by over-catering. A good night.

Pix of the plaque are here and here. I may be biased but I think it’s totally deserved.

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