Interstellar Underpants

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2005-03-09 21:30:00 bah humpbuggery The Boy With The Thorn In His Side-Smiths-The Queen Is Dead

My Buffalo 802·g wireless card arrived. (See Silicon Overdrive.)

The outer wrapping only mentioned various flavours of Windows, despite the ebay advert mentioning that the card worked with G3 and G4 powerbooks. A quick google told me that the card does indeed work with macs – but only under OSX. So do I

  • give up on 802·g, sell this card and buy an Apple airport (802·b) card
  • wait until the parts mentioned in Interstellar Overdrive part 1 arrive and are installed and then pollute my Pismo with OSX?

I’m actually a grudging convert to OSX: I can count the times I’ve crashed it on my thumbs, waiting on a recalcitrant web page to load doesn’t block the rest of the mac and Safari beats the pants off Internet Exploder. The downside is that OSX is slow on a G4/400 with 5400rpm disk. I think it will be even slower on a G3 with a slower hard disk.

The moral of this story is ‘always be bloody sure of what you’re buying on eBay!’

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