Interstellar Overdrive part 1

When Mood Music
2005-03-09 21:16:00 awake The Queen Is Dead (Take Me Back To Dear Old Blighty)-Smiths-The Queen Is Dead

I have ordered

  • 512GB of RAM (so I can keep the current 128MB and hence total 640MB)
  • a second-hand 30GB hard disk (wish I could afford the 150GB 5400 rpm version)
  • a replacement LuckyGoldstar DVD-ROM/CD drive. See Silicon Overdrive for why I need this replacement.

    (The better Matshita drives won’t fit behind the plastic bezel that covers the LG model. I’m sure a judicious bit of carving could sort this but eventually I’ll get a DVD-RW drive and that won’t properly fit behind either variety of bezel anyway.)

Time to break out The Piper At the Gates of Dawn and indulge myself.

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