I can’t be a coastguard…

When Mood Music
2004-11-20 01:34:00 discontent Dr. Benway’s House (with Sonic Youth)-William S. Burroughs-Dead City Radio – 1990

… because I can’t drive.

One of the regulars in the Whey Pat is a member of St Andrews Coast Guard unit. He was talking about a recent incident. I said very little apart from asking him to repeat occasionally (background noise was very high and he has a rather strong Fife accent). My apparent willingness to listen before/without commenting and to try to understand what he was saying* and looking vaguely young and athletic** interested him. He then asked where I worked.

On learning that I worked in St Andrews, he asked if I could leave my desk at a moment’s notice and if I’d be willing to carry a pager with me. (My answers were “I’ll have to ask my bosses but I can’t see them objecting” and “why not?”). However, my inability to drive was then mentioned. This disqualifies me since I’d be unable to get to the mustering point in time and unable to drive the CG vehicles. I have no argument with this but it’s slightly saddening.

Also, thinking about it in the cold light of the mac monitor, surely I’d need both to be able to drive and to have a car right next to my workplace. Even if I do learn to drive, I’m VERY unlikely to buy a car. I have almost no need or desire togo anywhere that is inaccessible by public transport. I think the only thing that might change this is having to shop for a family and I’ve ensured that this will not happen.

*What he had to say interested (or at least entertained) me and I had absolutely nothing I wanted to say to anyone about anything at that point. Also, I still retain some pleasant memories from my long-gone days as a Sea Scout – it may be the one long-duration area of my past where the unpleasant things are more forgotten than the pleasant things.

**I was wearing tracksuit trousers: they’re my only non-work trousers that comfortably fit around my waist at the moment.

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