When Mood Music
2004-11-19 18:24:00 depressed Blues Blues Blues-Cramps-Flamejob

This was the result of the palm software published by Insights. Thanks !

‘This is a Helping Supporter’s profile.

Others can find them complex and difficult to understand. Empathic and compassionate, they have a strong need to contribute to the welfare of others. When they are helping others understand the importance of their ideas, then they can be the most convincing. They would be prepared to walk across broken glass in bare feet to help a friend in need. Achieving great personal financial success is not top of their personal achieving agenda.’

I have to admit that I found it very hard to answer the questions, so I’m not surprised that it doesn’t accurately reflect how I currently perceive myself. However, it’s not too far off – I guess it’s the ‘me’ who exists when I’m not hovering around the borders of the black land.

Right now the black land is calling me somewhat louder than piu forte. I’m doing my best to ignore her but I can’t quite drown her out.


Clarification: ‘the black land’ is depression. It is not a person.

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