A reasonably successful day

When Mood Music
2004-10-12 00:17:00 satisfied Democracy-Leonard Cohen-The Future

Work seems to be under control.

  • The AH English question paper is being proofed and the answers proof is approved.
  • Pete has nearly cracked suggesting which 200o to 2003 answers to base the 2004 H PE answers.
  • The Standard Grade PE reprint is at press.
  • All my other reprints are scheduled and about to be progressed.
  • I even had time to start trying to resurrect the G4 dual processor 1 GHz mac that has been languishing for ages. I still haven’t been able to get a replacement HD for it so am cramming OSX (10·2·8/Jaguar) and OS9·2·2 into only 6GB. I haven’t even put any apps on yet! However, I won’t bother with that until we have more software licenses and I know who’s going to use it, so I just need to fix the permissions and get USB woirking under OS9·2·2.

Community Council planning meeting went OK and I’ve already typed up and emailed the minutes. I have one objection to write, then no more CC until 26th October.

I’ve also emailed about Celia’s condition to her MSP. In the meantime I’ve bought her some pencils with rubber grips so she can try to write more easily. I’ve also bought her a clipboard so she can hold reading or writing material more easily.

Tomorrow is likely to be full of meetings:

  • 0900: individual production meeting with Pete-colleague about his two projects
  • 0930: meet with John: we hope to approve final files for covers for 4 reprints that John kicked off while I was in pastpaper-land
  • 1000: finish install of G4_1GHz (set OSX folder permissions, try to beg a new hard disk out of Chiswick)
  • 1015: individual production meeting with Andi about her two projects
  • 1130: managers meeting
  • 1230: lunch – try to chase up someone I need to hear from
  • 1430: full production meeting and teleconference with Chiswick (to go over any items not resolved in individual production meetings, confirm delivery dates and check schedules for the 19 reprints I’m doing)

I’m likely to end up having to do minutes for the full production meeting and managers’ meeting.

Now waiting for fink to finish installing mySQL and then time for bed!

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