a wierd day so far

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2004-10-09 14:18:00 energetic Vagtazo Halott Kemek: There’s No Other Solution

Well, the first bit of good news is that the new router is up and running with OS9·1, Jaguar and Panther. In fact, I installed Panther and found it had recognised the router, configured itself and enabled internet connectivity from blastoff. I have a slight quibble that the G4 was connected before I’d invoked the software firewall but since the router is doing SPI and NAT, I’m not really bothered.

Installing Panther only took an evening, rather than OS9’s all-day affair, mainly because I have a shed-load of OS9·1 software to install and configure thereafter. However, the copy of OS9·1 used for OSX’s classic environment and the related software were now all pre-installed on a separate partition (and I still have a full install of OS9·1 et al on a separate HD should I need pure OS9·1 – which I do for scanning). Must buy a scanner with OSX drivers one of these days

For Panther, I only had to

  • install the OS
  • set system preferences
  • install the graphics tablet
  • install, live-update and configure Norton SystemWorks
  • install Adobe Creative Suite
  • install software for and synchronise with the palm (Julia, this was probably the best birthday present ever)
  • install and configure backup software (SilverKeeper – one of these I’ll grow up into a Retrospect user)
  • install and configure Eudora
  • update disk permissions

Joy of joys! I replaced the mac’s DVD-ROM with a DVD-RW (thanks Pete for holding my hand during the firmware episode) a while back and so had a ‘spare’ DVD-ROM. I bought an ATA 5·5/3·25 inch enclosure on eBay but it didn’t seem to work with the DVD-ROM under Jaguar. (It worked fine with ATA HDs.) The enclosure/DVD-ROM combination now works fine under Panther.

So the remaining tasks are

  • work out how to copy DVDs
  • check permissions once more
  • find out why my product key for Application Switcher Menu hasn’t arrived. (ASM reintroduces the application menu in the right of the menu bar – I had sorely missed it.) HAH – email with product key has just arrived (happy bruce). They must have known I was blogging them (paranoia – HOW DID THEY KNOW?)
  • install and configure modems for the blackbird and 2300c
  • sell the old ADSL modem on eBay

What else? Well, Panther seems a little faster than Jaguar and a bit more organised. On the con side, Safari now has a “download this link as…” feature, so you now have to alt-click, drag, then click . (Under Jaguar’s “donload link”, you just had to alt-click and drag.) The router so far has been easy and simple – and I’ve switched off the wireless component until I get a wireless laptop (roll on January – meanwhile I still have an ethernet cable running into the bedroom).

What a change from Wednesday, where I tried to install Panther and do other things at the same time. Leaving Panther to its own devices lead to 3 kernel panics and temporary loss of Jaguar. I then watched a movie someone had recommended. Even though they described what they like about the film, I recall no signs of it – or of anything else to commend this movie – and won’t be watching any more in the series.

However this does remind me of a bit of good news. My ScreenSelect account is active. Lotsa good movies coming my way for only £15 per month.

This afternoon, Jane Ann and I watched the opening of the Scottish Parliament. I had to leave the room while Eddi Reader sang but Mrs Queen could be seen to smile from time to time and Liz Lochead read a poem that really worked on me… Maybe I do have a soul after all.

Right then, time to bathe, gird my loins and go to meet the outside world.

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