Random gruntings

When Mood Music
2004-10-02 19:47:00 frustrated The B-52s: Lava

Finally rejoined the Vegan Society. Of course, this was so I’d be able to receive discounts on vegan accommodation. I really want to escape the tepid and pathetic puddle of turgid slime my life has currently become, to try to being to look to the future with more than self-disgust and approbation and to forget about all things Leck for a while. I have 15 days of holiday to take between now and 24th October (and am owed about 5 more in overtime). However, I have about £100 I can safely spend – including travel – so I think I’m SOL!

Also, the flat is almost tidy. I think I have about 90 minutes more to do on it then I can relax…

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