Why I really hate Dundee

When Mood Music
2004-09-17 19:10:00 contemplative Yabby U ‘Creations and Versions’

OK, this happened about 15 years ago. I was returning from visiting a friend in the Ninewells area of Dundee and was walking down the Blackness Road. I cross the road as a some locals spilled out of a pub and crossed in the other direction. Being my polite self, I said ‘evening’. I heard drunken voices say “English”, then “Tory” and then a hail of rocks followed me down the road.

Ahem, I’d sooner cut my dick off than vote right-wing. I have a bad conscience about voting tactically for Menzies Campbell. (He’s a liberal democrat but seems to be rather pro-war.)

Also, I was born and bred in England but my dad is australian and my mother was born austrian. She became british after she and her family moved here in 1938. She was born jewish in Wien (Vienna to you linguistic plebs). Not the best of moves… thank goodness her dad’s boss saw what was going down and arranged for him to have a post in the UK.

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