Well, today wasn’t from Dundee, even though I was in Dundee

When Mood Music
2004-09-16 19:56:00 busy The Who “I can see for miles”

Firstly Julia called this morning and there was very little acrimony and even some pleasantness.

I thought work might blow this good feeling but I was able to avoid any difficult tasks. Listening to RH’s “me and my woman” was painful – I was almost in tears – but I really got into RH’s “The Dream Society”. The music and lyrics are ‘vintage RH’ yet with none of the loss of verve you might expect from someone in their 50s. OK he has lost some of his youthful brashness but I suspect that “The Dream Society” will see me through this period in the same way that “Death or Glory” saw me through the first break with Catriona.

Tonight’s yoga class introduced more postures, so it was more difficult but no harder. I think this is called ‘progressive overload’ 🙂

I got a lift to the bus station with one of my classmates (a nurse from Wormit) and wrote this on the Palm while I was waiting for Baz. (I so love this little toy – thank you Ms J. OK, I can’t use it to email my entries à la Gavin but he’s a real techie and so deserves to able to do so.) It was my fortune but maybe his misfortune that he was still en route back from Glasgow and so was able to pick me up without diverting from his original route. He played me some of the latest Electric Boogie Band music he and Callum have been concocting. It’s rather good and deserves to sell well – here’s hoping there are no more label fuck-ups.

I let Baz and EM know what’s happened and tomorrow I’ll start letting the rest of the world know. Wow, I’m so looking forward to that!

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