Yesterday was from Dundee

When Mood Music
2004-09-13 18:26:00 apathetic

I’m not sure what I can really say about this yet but yesterday was definitely from a town on the north bank of the Tay estuary. I’m still in shock-induced lethargy.

Until yesterday I had certain things in my life. Now I don’t. Whether I’m better off without them – well, only time will tell. I don’t feel much worse off just now but that’s maybe because I don’t feel anything just now.

Yesterday also raised the alarming spectre that I might horrendous enough to hail from Menzieshill. (For the innocents among you, Menzieshill is a rough area of Dundee. The denizens pronounce it ‘mingishill’.)

It contains Ninewells, Scotland’s most famous teaching hospital, so the locals have somewhere to bleed to death without dripping blood and guts in the less unpleasant areas of this blighted town.

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