From the files…

More Bruce-history from dad’s files


I was baptised. This is somewhat surprising from the amount of Judaism in my ancestry.

1966 Bruce baptism 01 1966 Bruce baptism 02


I think I was 8 when this photo of me, my sister, brother and father was taken.1974 Bruce, dad, Ian, Susan


I got O-level maths.

1981 O levels no dataI was qualified to teach swimming.

1981_07_10 club instructor 01 1981_07_10 club instructor 02


I qualified to teach some canoeing.

1982 BCU 01 1982 BCU 02 scaled

I looked like this.1982 Bruce

I did some charity stuff.1982 HtA
I got more O-levels.1982 O levels no data


Another swimming-teaching qualification1983_07_29 ASA


A-levels1984 A levels no data

I did some hill-walking.

1984 The BOOT 1985 The BOOT

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