1st September: round Texel

OK, it’s an island and it has tarmac, so Bruce has to go around it. Fortunately, Elly isn’t averse to a little cyclo-circumnavigation, either, and so off we went. Of course there was headwind both ways, so please don’t laugh too much as the speed on the cyclemeter map.

But we had 37 miles of being tourists, hence a lot of photos!

Outside our room, fairies dwell

about Den Hoorn

view of the ferry from Texel to the mainland

aerial view of the ferry

looking back to the mainland

The lighthouse at de Cocksdorp. Read all about it!

lighthouse data

looking up!

This light tower erected 1863-1864 in case of being attacked by Germans. Destroyed 1945, rebuilt 1948



geo-evolution of Texel 1

geo-evolution of Texel 2

Where will it flood?

Why the light-house has bullet-holes

here are some of the bullet-holes

Who built it?

and who lived here?

view of de Cocksdorp

view of Oudeschild and Den Burg

view of England

view of the North Pole

view of Vlieland and Terschelling

view of Friesland

random countryside

Texel sheep

Texel horses


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