because we’re in Wesel

Dear me I’m tired! There was a lot of headwind today, and quite a few road-closures/diversions. It’s probably not fair to blame Giggle Maps for not knowing about these, but I sure do want to! Amusingly, my abilities to speak and understand German appear to have decreased over this trip. I hope it’s just because I’m tired just now, rather than permanent brain-failure.

Most of today was on reasonable tarmac or well-laid brick. Wesel is unusual in my experience of cycling in Germany in that the borders of most other towns I’ve experienced towns coincide with the start of somewhat rough brick or cobble cycle-paths between the actual road and the pedestrian path. Wesel had good, new tarmac.

Edinburgh and other UK road designers should note that there is usually at least a 2-inch height difference between pedestrian and cycle paths, so assistance dogs should not get confused between the two. Leith Street and Leith Walk designers, I’m looking at you – through telescopic sights!

Just to show that nothing is perfect, we did have a few miles of Rheinufer-top dirt/gravel track against heavy head-wind. There was much swearing, mostly monosyllabic and repetitive.

We are now in a very comfortable hotel on the banks of the Rhine. Tomorrow we will leave Germany, but only for this trip. I really want to come back to this area and explore some of the cities more, especially Düsseldorf and Bonn. We should be in Arnhem tomorrow, brining the total to about 830 miles. Thereafter we have about 100 miles to get to Hoek van Holland and then another 50 miles back to IJMuiden and our ferry on the evening of the 31st. Despite the moaning in my blogs and tweets, the damage to Lev Davidivitch and our nethers, and my permanently painful left foot, I have enjoyed this trip. There are so many weird and wonderful things that pass before us, but just can’t be described or photographed. Tschuss!

only recumbent bikes and pedestrians?

interesting spire in Düsseldorf Altstadt

fountain in Duisburg

the Ruhr river, looking east

the Ruhr river, looking west

How to turn left from a cycle-path.

Duisburg harbour

Alt – yum!


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