Kling Klang

because we’re in Düsseldorf, home of Kraftwerk 

I don’t think we’re in Europe any more, Toto. It was noticeably colder today, and we got rained on momentarily. I’ve yet to try putting on my rain jacket while moving  getting it from its stuff sack under Lev’s crossbar without stopping may be possible, but putting it back won’t be  There are a couple of other things I want to try while cycling: up to you to guess what they are.

I made a slight navigational error which added a couple of miles to our planned route, and treated us to a circumnavigation of the Zonser Grind. We enjoyed being off main roads (even though they mostly have cycle-lanes which are respected by car-drivers) and away from conversation-killing traffic-noise for a while but at the expense of bumpy gravel and scabby tarmac. We did encounter some Swiss-smooth tarmac but to make up for that pleasure there was a very strong headwind. No need to turn your red knob clockwise here!

Düsseldorf appears to have some delightfully quirky architecture, and I hope my photos do it some justice.

We now have about 220 miles to go to get to Hoek van Holland and then to IJMuiden for our return ferry. But we have over 6 days to do that, so watch this space!

Austrian train emerging from factory at Köln-Niehl

The best-laid plans…

statue at Stürzelberg

Düsseldorf harbour

Düsseldorf harbour


looking back to Köln

Neuer Zollhof

Düsseldorf harbour

barges on the Rhine

Neuer Zollhof

Landtag Nordrhein-Westfalen



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